Welcome to Paper + Hand where you'll find various handcrafted goods made in the spirit of Aloha.
I hope they bring you as much joy as they did for me making them.

My Story

Paper + Hand is a culmination of a lifetime's worth of crafting, be it through art, pottery, or anything that can be made by hand. This has been and will continue to be an outlet for many of my creative endeavors and a way to introduce new ways for my children to express themselves creatively and even learn some lessons in business. I've unsurprisingly learned from them as well!


Visit Us Locally

My absolute favorite way to show off my work is in person. You can frequently find my booth at many of the markets around Oahu. I love chatting about whatever items or candle scents are in season, or just life in general.


Visit Us Online

Most all of the items you would find at our homemade goods market booth, you'll also find at our online store. Visit us at to browse our collection and also find more information about care instructions and our recycling program.

Coming Up.

To find out where to next see us locally, follow me on instagram or email anytime with questions or feedback about any of our products.